Recently, a video of herself on her instagram in which she can be seen crying profusely over the sudden death of Sridevi. As soon as the video caught eyes, she was trolled very badly by everyone. People started calling her names, started shaming her very badly.

People started saying that the actress was just faking and not crying in reality, considering the fact that Rakhi Sawant can do and has done many such dramas for publicity.


But this wasn’t the first time that the actress was being trolled for her pictures or videos. She gets trolled for every video or picture she posts on social media. The trollers not just make fun of her but also slut shame her and calls her by name.


However, nothing stops Rakhi Sawant, we don’t know if it’s good or bad but the celebrity is known for creating drama everywhere she goes. She had participated in many shows as well, where she has given many ‘masale-daar’ content to the makers because of her over-acting and drama.

Here, we find another video on her Instagram handle where she can be seen showing a ‘naked-woman’ performing on streets and she can be seen wishing to live a life like her, to roam freely like that women.

Here’s the video, have a look:

And people here as well didn’t missed the chance of trolling her. Here are a few comments from trollers, have a look:











There were many more and many worst. We don’t know if what Rakhi is doing is right or wrong but sometimes trollers cross their limit. But Rakhi Sawant doesn’t care for anyone, she continues to be herself.

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