Puneesh Asked Bandgi To Unbutton Her Clothes And She Agreed


Big Boss is a famous television reality show where famous strangers from different fields come together to stay in a house for few months. It is popular because the show makes headlines with controversies, fights and romantic relationships among housemates.


Big Boss 11 is no different. But this season the show has hit new low as the contestants indulged in vulgarity.

This season couple Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma are stealing all the headlines. They have been seen making out in the house publicly and it has been televised. There has been a huge controversy because of their public display of affection in a family friendly show like Big Boss.


Host Salman Khan warned the couple previously to refrain from such behavior as Big Boss is viewed by people of all ages. The amorous scenes are not ideal for underage audience and elderly people.

However, Bandgi and Puneesh are clearly not paying any attention to Salman’s advice. A video has gone viral in the internet and social media sites where the couple are indulging in vulgar behavior while the lights of the house are switched off.

Although the content of the video is not clearly understandable, it shows that while sitting on a sofa, Puneesh asks her girlfriend to unbutton her shorts. He would remove his t-shirt next. When Bandgi hesitates Puneesh asks her to hurry up.

In response, she accuses him of being selfish. She goes on to say that he is becoming so impatient that he cannot sit on the sofa for 5 minutes with her. They used to sit together in the same place till 4 am earlier.

The official Instagram account of Big Boss 11, biggboss11.ofp, shared the video on Instagram. They put a caption on the video which said that despite Salman’s warning on November 12th about their display of affection on national television as their parents also watch the show, the couple is continuing their public lovemaking.

The caption also stated that after Puneesh asks Bandgi to remove her pants, she agrees to do it for him and the conversation continues.

The video has been viral on the social media and has become the talk of the town. The couple is certainly getting lot of attention with their act. Salman might make some comments on their act next time he features in the show. We have to see how events turn out further in the house and what happens to the couple next week.

Here is the video: