Recently, a video went viral on the internet. The video was taken from the first song of the upcoming Malayalam movie titled “Odu Adaar Love” . Although, the duration of the clipping was of a few seconds but it melted everyone’s heart and brought back the memories of 90’s era.


In the video, every one loved the cute chemistry between the lead. The girl in the Video became an overnight sensation because of her cute expressions.

Isn’t it just so weird and amazing at the same time, how a wink, an expression can make someone an overnight sensation?


Priya Prakash, is all set to make her debut with her upcoming Malayalam movie, “Odu Adaar Love”. We are still stunned at the overnight stardom Priya Prakash has earned because of her wink.

As soon as this video caught the eyes of people, they all started stalking her profiles on social media. Her images and videos have taken over the internet world, on the other hand some memes and trolls are also there trolling Priya Prakash.

Priya also reacted to her unexpected stardom, she said she was overwhelmed by all the love that her fans have showered on her.

While, we are still in the hangover of the previous “wink” video, the makers have released the official trailer of the movie.

In the trailer, Priya Prakash has fulfilled our expectations and have delivered the “baap” of all the expressions. You are going to love this video, and if you haven’t “melted” after watching the first video, you are going to fall in love with her now. Have a look at the new video here:

New Video Of Most Viral Girl With New Action <3Adao Ka diwana bana rahi hai ye to

Posted by The Logical Feed on 13 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

We have already forgotten the previous video of her and now are crushing over this video of hers.

What you have to say about her expressions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.