PornHub’s Year-Review Is Out And Here Are The Top Searches From India In 2017


No matter how much ‘Sanskari’ the film certification board in India wishes to be about lovemaking scenes in Bollywood, Indians love porn anyway. We are not the ones saying this but its the Pornhub’s 2017 survey which claims so. The survey says that Indians just love to watch porn.


The largest porn website in the world puts India at the uncomfortable  3rd spot in terms of people watching porn. We are only behind the US and UK. India in 2017 gave Pornhub its third largest traffic in 2017. Not something to be proud of!

The search for ‘Arab ‘ porns remained at the top for Indians visiting the site followed by ‘Hindi HD.’ Not to anyone surprise, Sunny Leone for the third consecutive time made to the list of 5 most searched pornstars. The top 5 also includes Kim Kardashian, Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann and Reily Reid. Arab Porn was watched 165% more times as compared to 2016.



The worldwide traffic for Pornhub in the year 2017 is just unbelievable. As much as 28.5 billion visitors visited the site from across the globe. This makes the daily average stand at 81 million.


Besides enormous traffic, 2017 has also been a very special year as it completed a decade in 2017. They have revealed the data of their traffic indulgence all through the decade. For the third year in a row ‘Lesbian’ remained the top searched term globally followed by ‘Hentai.’ around 4 million videos were added by the users of Pornhub and the content partners.

Among the searches that sum up the year 2017, ‘Porn For Women’ took the first spot.


The average of users visiting for watching porn at Pornhub in 2017 was 35. The maximum density of porn was watched by users aged between 25 to 34 years of age. They formed 32% of the total user indulgence at Pornhub.

Users aged between 18 and 24 comprised 29% of the users. Users aged above 55 made up for 11% of the traffic at Pornhub in 2017.