Police Officers Were Harassing A Young Couple. This Advocate Taught Them A Lesson They Will Never Forget


The Judicial system of our country is known for all wrong reasons more than the correct ones. The Police officials own the reputation of being one of the most unsystematic and indisciplined when it comes to their behaviour towards the general public.

It is more often than not proven that they end up being more of harassment to the public than a recourse of help.


Every now and then Police is found harassing the general public, be it on the roads, be it at the police stations or at any given place where they can use their authoritative power.  They also have an infamous reputation of being very prone to bribery, and can easily turn the truth into a lie and vice-versa.


Being in the system that we have been bought up, we hardly have the mindset or courage to fight against the undesirable actions of the police. We tend to give in to whatever they ask us to do.

Many a times it has been seen that the police officials go out of their scope of authority but are never challenged by the public.

These actions of the police has become more these days when it comes to couples being seen in public. It has become difficult for couples to even sit together in public to spend some time away from the noise of the crowd and home as they are inevitably spotted and subsequently harassed by the police officials.

But recently, contrary to the normal nomenclature of the public, Police was questioned by one of the local persons in counter of their actions.

This incident happened in Rohtak, Haryana, where a couple was seen spending time together at Tiyar Lake. Police officials came and started noting their personal details like name, phone nos, address etc.

The police officials seemed determined to call for their parents but were suddenly interrupted by a gentleman, named Parveen Malik, who claimed to be a lawyer In High court. He asked the police officer whether this boy is a thief and if not, then why his phone number is being noted down.

He specifically asked them under which law they are doing the duties that they have been currently doing. The police officials had no answers to his questions, to which they tried to convince him by saying that they were asked to do so. Even on pressurising, they could not produce anything in writing.

Police paremi jodo ko haras karti hui

Posted by Parveen Malik on 28 ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 2017

This was a great move by Parveen Malik who had the guts to show the police their true reflection in the mirror of truth and also remind them that the law does not give them the authority for moral policing.