PMO Tweeted They Will Provide “Poor Quality” Healthcare. And Now Twitterati Are Trolling Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi bashed Congress chief Rahul Gandhi yesterday in the parliament. From blaming the congress for the partition of the country to dividing the country on the basis of caste, Narenda Modi left no stone unturned to slam Rahul Gandhi. Social Media too went crazy and trolled Rahul Gandhi very badly.


Yesterday, it was Narendra Modi and his speech that was ruling over the Twitter, today, it is Narendra Modi and his “grammatical mistakes” that are ruling on Twitter.

Well, today the Twitter handle of PMO tweeted about the providing quality healthcare and affordable healthcare to poor but they forgot to use the comma, which ruined everything.


The Tweet read: “Let us work together in providing the poor quality and affordable healthcare: PM”

Due to the absence of a single comma, you can see the whole meaning of the sentence has changed to something else. The sentence meant to be this, ” Let us work together in providing the poor, quality and affordable healthcare: PM”

As soon as people started noticing this error, Twitteratis brutally trolled him and everyone became a grammar-nazi.

Here, we bring you some of the hilarious tweets from people on Twitter:

# Yep, not at all surprising.

Thanks for acknowledging :

It’s already reflecting, totally.

# LOL :


Got it?

Sack, sack, sack:

You read that right:

lol :

hahah ..okay bhai :

The twitterattis are trolling the tweet very much. Now you know the value of a comma and good grammar?

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