Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his witty and spontaneous replies that never fails to leave us in splits. Be it his speeches or his debates in the Parliament House, PM Modi wins everyone hearts with his wittiness.


Every now and then, PM Modi gives us many moments to cherish, however, this time PM Modi’s reply to one user, who asked him to smile more, has been winning hearts on twitter.

Recently, PM Modi was in Shahjahanpur, where he addressed a rally. People flooded the twitter by sending him tweets using hashtag #PMInShahjahanpur and praising him for his efforts or giving him suggestions. PM Modi generally doesn’t reply to Twitter users and it appears quite unusual to see that recently, he started answering Twitterati personally.


However, the main highlight of his interactions was his reply to the twitter user named Shilpi Agarwal who asked PM Modi that he should smile more often.

Here, have a look at her tweet for PM Modi :

The tweet read:
Only one thing Modiji, u should smile more often!!😊 Baaki sab mast hai☺”

However, she wouldn’t have expected a reply from PM Modi. PM Modi’s reply came as a big surprise to everyone. It was very graceful of PM Modi to take the tweet in a positive manner rather than taking it otherwise. PM Modi’s reply has been winning hearts, here, have a look at what he replied :

The tweet read:
Point taken. 🙂 “

Well, he didn’t stop there and replied a few more tweets. A twitter user appreciated him for working tirelessly even at this age. Here, have a look at the tweet :

PM Modi gave a very wonderful reply to his tweet as well. In his tweet, PM Modi gave  the credit of his strength to the blessings of 125 crore Indians . Here check the reply of PM Modi on this :

The tweet read:
“The blessings of 125 crore Indians give me great strength. All my time is for the nation.”

Apart from responding to the tweets, PM Modi also applauded the essay written by a young girl over cleanliness.

Amazing isn’t he?

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