Pakistani Actress Reveals Why It Is So Difficult Being A Pakistani


Pakistan is a beautiful nation and so are its people. But since Pakistan has been the breeding ground of terror and has earned a great humiliation to its name because of its political establishments and army, the common people too have to be a victim to this humiliation.

Saba is one of the most popular faces in Pakistan and she rose to fame with some great TV serials like Uraan, Baaghi and Jinnah Ke Naam. Then she was also seen in some Pakistani movies like Aina, Manto and Lahore Se Aage.

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Saba Qamar, the pretty Pakistani actress who made her mark in the Bollywood with Hindi Medium talked about the humiliation the actress has to bear at airports for being a Pakistani. The actress while explaining the kind of humiliation that comes her way in a TV interview could not hold her emotions and broke down.

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Saba was narrating her ordeal in a TV interview with A Plus, a TV channel in Pakistan. Saba recalled the incident when she was held for interrogation and investigation at an airport in Georgia for being a Pakistani when she had visited Tbilisi. Saba had visited Georgia for the shooting of the movie and while the Indian crew was cleared to go, Saba was stopped for interrogation.

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Just a few hours since this video has surfaced over the internet and the scenes of Saba Qamar breaking down in an interview are going viral. It is indeed unfortunate how the commoners of Pakistan or even celebrities for that matter have to face this kind of harassment given the international repute of their nation.

In this video one can really sense the ordeal it has been for the actress and this would be just not the case with her but other celebrities and commoners in Pakistan too. All we can do is feel bad for them.

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