Yesterday, the Indian cricketer, Mohammed Shami got the biggest shock of his life. He would have never, even in his worst nightmares would have thought that his dirty secrets will be revealed out in front of the whole world and that too, from his own wife.


The wife of Mohammed Shami, Hasin Jahan has accused Mohammed Shami on the grounds of having multiple extra-marital affairs. Yesterday, his wife took to social media  to reveal that Mohammed Shami has been cheating on her and she has also leaked some screenshots of his explicit chats with some girls.


The screenshot of the chat has left everyone shocked and confused as the chat were really dirty.

Not just this, Mohammad Shami’s wife also accused him of torturing her mentally and physically for years. She also claimed that the family of Mohammad Shami has also tried to kill her.

However, after this Mohammad Shami took to twitter and denied all the allegations made on his, he tweeted:

And if that wasn’t enough, Mohammad Shami’s wife has also hinted on match-fixing. According to the latest reports,she revealed that Mohammad Shami has accepted money from a Pakistani girl, Alisbah, in Dubai. The allegations are not basless, his wife has all the required proofs that he has accepted money . Hasin said , “If he can cheat me, he can cheat the nation too”.

We really wonder, where this case is going and what Mohammad Shami has to say about this.

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