Not Narendra Modi, This Cutie Was The Most Special Guest At Virushka’s Reception


Punjabi weddings are always celebrated with a huge celebration. The big-fat weddings are always a spectacle to watch. Virat-Anushka’s reception, though held in high-fi manner and lavish style, they surely contained some desi flavors in it.

Like Punjabi weddings, currency notes throwing dance was part of the event, though Anushka’s dance with the note in the mouth was a surprise. And, the loud Punjabi music is all that made the event more energetic.


The party was surely going crazy with everyone dancing at their highest levels. All the friends and acquaintances were enjoying the party to the fullest.

Among all the guests present, enjoying by dancing and singing, Virat and Anushka didn’t hold their horses. They danced like they should in a party, going all crazy. The dance floor was all covered by the energetic and fun-loving guests.

Among all the guests that were present, there was someone very special present over the night. The special person was Shikhar Dhawan’s little baby boy Zorawar. He seized the spotlight from everyone else and centered all the attention towards him.

Practically, he was the only person in the party, who enjoyed the most in the party. The cute Zorawar did make a shine in the party. Starting from dancing with Virat Kohli to sleeping in the arms of Anushka Sharma’s lap. He surely did make many presents over there, jealous of him.


You can pretty much see, how cute the baby boy is in the following picture.

He danced like something to watch, along with the party host Virat Kohli and his superstar father Shikhar Dhawan.

Even in all the hassle and tussle, Virat Kohli did not forget to look out for the cute Zorawar. In the pictures given below, we can see him looking at the boy without paying attention to the camera shot.

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After so much dancing and hassle, the cute boy finally took rest in the lap of wedding girl Anushka Sharma. Anushka was very happy to let him doze off in her laps.

However, he did not hold back when Anushka went for a dance on ‘Mauja Hi Mauja’.

At the end, we feel the star of the evening was Zorawar, the cute boy of Sikhar. What do you feel?