Neha Dhupia Slams Pervert Asking Her To Show More Skin


India has a humungous population and so is the population of perverted minds in India. In India girls being objectified and celebrities being slut-shamed is a harsh reality. Despite India’s greatness as a nation, these perverted minds will only put a blot on the face of this nation.



Recently actress Neha Dhupia was trolled over the social media by a guy. The guy asked her to show more skin and sex for life is too short. Well, that troll really got the actress infuriated and she decided to shut this guy up. Neha Dhupia has a bold aura and she knows how to face such idiots to perfection.


Neha Dhupia’s response to this pervert is as cracking as it gets. The guy would have surely felt the heat of it. We are glad that Neha Dhupia decided not to ignore this remark but rather slam the pervert asking her to show more skin. Neha Dhupia posted a Tweet earlier in which she wrote, “Life is too short, I need to travel a lot more.” This perverted guy then posted a stupid comment on this Tweet by Neha Dhupia

This is her initial Tweet

The remark


The cracking reply

This is one cracking response coming from the actress, isn’t it? Perverts like these need to be brought to their worth and not asked to shut up but rather told to shut up. This response by Neha Dhupia surely wins all the respect in the world. The guy would have been absolutely red-faced. BRAVO NEHA DHUPIA!