Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India, is one the most enigmatic world leaders to have existed in recent years.

Power of Indian government positions is structured around that of the United Kingdom, like the prime minister of United Kingdom, Theresa May is the head of government and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state.


Similarly, the union government of India is led by the prime minister of India and the prime minister is the chief advisor to the President of India, Ram Kumar Kovind presently.


The president and prime minister’s salary vary according to different country. In India the prime minister gets lower salary than the president. According to the Wikipedia page about salaries of member of states and observers of the UN, prime minister Modi is the most popular PM in the whole world.

Unfortunately, Modi is also the prime minister to have second least amount of salary among all other leaders of the United Nations. Here is why the amount of salary of Indian PM Modi is not justified:

In an interview from 2011, according to the Economic Times, the PM Narendra Modi has said “I have very little sleep. All my doctor friends consistently advise me that I should increase my sleeping.

I should sleep minimum for 5 to 6 hours. But I have become so workaholic and it has become my habit since many years that I hardly sleep for 3.5 hours. But it is a very sound sleep. I go to bed and within 30 seconds I fall asleep,”.

That means that Prime Minister Modi works approximately 20 hours every day. One of the most, if not the most hard working Prime Minister in recent times India has found, Modi really should not be getting paid so less compared to his other global counterparts.

Below are the top 10 most paid global political leaders, you decide how much should our prime minister Modi get paid for all of his hard works:

  1. United Kingdom

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II

Salary: 42,800,000 USD

Head of Government: Theresa May

Salary: 201,331 USD

  1. Sweden

Head of Government: Stefan Lofven

Salary: 222,000 USD

  1. New Zealand

Head of Government: Bill English

Salary: 290,000 USD

  1. Canada

Head of Government: Justin Trudeau

Salary: 296,400 USD


Head of State: Frank Walter Steinmeier

Salary: 240,933 USD

Head of Government: Angela Merkel

Salary: 299,784 USD

  1. Luxembourg

Head of Government: Xavier Bettel

Salary: 340,000 USD

  1. United States of America

Head of Government: Donald J. Trump

Salary: 400,000 USD

  1. Switzerland

Head of State: Doris Leuthard

Salary: 507,000 USD

Head of Government: Bundersrat (German), Conseil fédéral (French), Consiglio Federale (Italian), Cussegl Federal (Romansh)

Salary: 495,000 USD

Bundesraetin Doris Leuthard spricht waehrend einer Medienkonferenz zum Ergebnis der Abstimmung zur Energiestrategie 2050, am Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017 in Bern. (KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer)
  1. Australia

Head of State: General Sir Peter Cosgrove

Salary: 425,000 USD

Head of Government: Malcom Turnbull

Salary: 507,340 USD

  1. Singapore

Head of State: Tony Tan

Salary: 1,540,000 USD

Head of Government: Lee Hsien Loong

Salary: 2,200,000 USD

Indian Prime Minister Modi has a salary of 30,000 USD annually which is almost 70 times lower than Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong. Sheikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh, with a annual salary of 17,500 USD is the lowest salaried prime minister presently.