This Mother-Son Duo Survived 10 Days In The Wild Using Bear Grylls’ Survival Tips


Remember Bear Grylls from the Man Versus Wild, the trademark show from Discovery Channel? Of course you would If you too have grown up watching discovery especially this particular show which was always high on adventure and taught us survival instincts like no other! So, how many of us actually remember those fine survival skills Bear Grylls told us about? How cool was Bear Grylls and how amazingly cool were those skills he exhibited! Aah, nostalgia.


We might have forgotten them but A mother son duo used of them to perfection as they found themselves lost in dense Australian bushes for 10 days. Interesting much?

Michelle Pittman, 40 and her son Dylan, 9 on the 2nd of October went for a bush walk on their visit NSW hunter valley when they lost their way to the dense bushes. To rescue them massive search operations were undertaken but they could only be rescued after 10 days and all they had to survive meanwhile were the super tricks of Bear Grylls! Even the police said that had it not been for the show the duo wouldn’t have survived. So, to their fate the real hero was indeed Bear Grylls.


This is how they used his techniques:

The duo licked moisture from plants to stay hydrated and they tied grass to trees to mark their way. They even dug creeks for water and even replaced their shoes with reeds. They did everything they saw on the show and tried everything besides losing hope and quitting! Their survival was all based on only and only water.

The terrain is to dangerous to be lost in however, they managed with only insect bites even though they did spot a snake or the snake spotted them rather. All thanks to the teachings of Man Vs Wild that they managed to survive in a terrain which could otherwise be too unforgiving.

Both of them when rescued were pretty fine besides of course being dehydrated and hungry. The mother needed medical assistance and was hospitalised the son however, was pretty fine and needed no medical assistance. The duo would surely have a bunch of experiences to relish for life already. We’re so glad that they made it and Bear Grylls would be so proud of them.