We all work somewhere but while comparing our salaries with the up top employees. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, there are many companies which is currently paying very high to their employees. But not only employees benefits themselves, these top business men also make money from their employees. It may seem something unreal but when the numbers are seen, it is something more than real.

There are many companies which comes in top list for most money making. But there is more than that, they know that how their employees are one of their way to make more money and taking care of which is equally important.


Companies like Apple, Facebook, have spend so much money on their employees and have huge crew for their product innovations. Which increases their cost per employee! And all the employee must be worthy per that position.

1. Apple: 


While this company is up to date of its products, behind the scene, there are 1,16,000 employees working for the same. Without which the product innovation would be completely stopped! But this is not it for Apple as it makes 1.9 million which is Rs. 12.3 Crore exactly. Which also makes them most money maker per employee. Greatest company for a reason.

2. Facebook:

With 20,000 employees working on the Facebook, it makes them complete over a billion users. It is one of the greatest network and it is not stopping for them in nearer future. Their CEO is one of the most prominent and determined person the history has seen and they make 1.6 million per employees.

3. Alphabet:

The third company of its kind and recently doubling the count of their employees, Alphabet comes third on making money per employees but still makes 1.3 million.

4. Verisign: 

Though this company does not have much employees, they have around 1,019 employees but through the services they provide they have made the fortune and comes at the fourth rank making 1.2 million per employee.

5. Visa: 

Biggest names in the industry Visa is undoubtedly one of the biggest company. With 11,300 employees this company stands strong and makes 1.1 million per employee.

6. Mastercard:

Again coming on the finance firm, coming after Visa, Mastercard makes 906,000 per employee and still is on 6th rank.

7. Broadcom:

Founded in 1991, it still is in best shaped company and comes on the 7th rank as it makes 843,000.

8. Lam Research:

Though it is lesser known company but it has the staff of 9,100 and make 785,000 per employee regardless its isolated personality.

9. Qualcomm:

This telecommunications equipment company makes 772,000 and stands strong with 33,500 employees.

10. Microsoft: 

One of the known company but comes on 10th rank. 1,24,000 employees work and make 748,000 per company.

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