Mohammad Shami and his wife, Hasin Jahan are constantly in the news since a past few days because of the ugly controversy they have erupted. Their controversy is getting uglier day by day and a new twist gets added into the already twisted tales.


Hasin Jahan has made allegations on the her cricketer husband, Mohammad Shami on the grounds of having multiple extra-marital affairs at the same time. She went on to accuse the cricketer for domestic violence and even murder attempt. She later also revealed that Mohammad Shami was also involved in match-fixing.


However, Mohammad Shami has refused to all the allegations made on him and labelled all the allegations as ‘baseless’ and he says that all this is someone’s trap to destroy his life and career.

On Tuesday, Hasin Jahan went violent on a Journalist and even broke his camera. All this happened outside the St. Sebastian School, Kolkata. However, Hasin Jahan in a recent interview has put all the blame on the media cricketer and said it was him who misbehaved first.

Hasin was seen outside the school, screaming at the journalist and later she also broke his video camera and left the place in a red SUV.

The lawyer of Hasin Jahan said that this violent reaction of Mohammad Shami’s wife was due to the mediaperson taking unnecessary interest in her personal life.

Well, you can see her attacking the journalist in the video below, have a look:


The case is getting ugly day by day and we really wonder, what’s more to come.

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