Prime Minister Narendra Modi always manages to make headlines because of his sweet gestures every now and then. He is always in the news for some reasons or the other. And what he did yesterday will make your heart skip a beat.


What Narendra Modi did  will make you applaud for him. Yesterday, PM Modi was addressing the people at the headquarters in Delhi and was talking about the victory of BJP in Tripura but then he heard the Muslim call for prayer and PM Modi paused his speech immediately.

Yes, he stopped at the middle of his speech in order to not disrespect the Holy Azaan. Actually, the call for Maghreb Azaan is given at dusk. Although, Narendra Modi had just started the speech but he didn’t hesitated for a second to pause his speech.


Not only he paused himself from talking but also informed everyone present at the moment to stop for a while. When the Azaan got over, Modi started chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and everyone excitedly joined him.

This is not the first time we have seen this gestures, earlier also we all have witnessed this sweet gesture of Narendra Modi in the year 2016 when he was addressing Navsari.

Vadnagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in his home town Vadnagar on Sunday. PTI Photo / PIB(PTI10_8_2017_000135A)

Talking about this, PM Modi said:
“Do not want to interrupt anyone’s prayers. So I decided to take a brief rest.” He even observed 2 minutes of silence for all those BJP workers who were killed in political violence in Tripura.”

Here’s the video where he paused his speech for Azaan. Have a look:

We loved how our Prime Minister stopped in the middle of his speech to respect Azaan. Narendra Modi never fails to impress his fans with his sweet and loving gestures.


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