Every now and then we see one thing or the other trending on social media, be it some crazy challenges or online games like Pokemon Go, Halo or any other. Recently the internet is obsessed with the online game PUBG. The game has become a sensational hit among the social media users.


PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a huge topic of discussions lately, so much so that a major part of memes and social media is filled with the posts about this game. Infact, a few restaurants have been opened with the PUB-G. An average internet user is spending a huge amount of his time playing this game.

But have you ever thought why does it have such a strange name? Well, it’s because this is someone’s gamer tag. Here, in this article, we are going to reveal the story behind the gae that has become sensational hit in a very short span of time.

The mastermind behind their viral game is a 37 years old Brendan Greene, who is from Ireland and was working in Brazil as a photographer and web developer in Brazil.

In the year 2013, he fell in love with DayZ which was a mod of open world military simulator “Arma 2” and then he started working for  creating a mod of his own for DayZ. Brendan took inspiration for this mod from “Battle Royale” which was a Japanese movie. In the movie Zombies were replaced by other people against whom the gamer has to fight to survive.

Brendan was also learning to code while he was creating his mod and it was then, the first version of PUB-G was born. The game became very popular in no time, as it was similar to DayZ, which was already very popular among the gamers.

And finally his work caught the attention of Sony Entertainment Division and they hired Brendan as a consultant for designing the Battle Royale mod for H1Z1. However, when the project was completed, the mod created by Brendan was endorsed as a separate game : “H1Z1: King of the Kill”.

In 2015, when Brendan was free, he was contacted by South Korean studio Bluehole Ginno games. Brendan became their creative director and work started for a new game in 2016. They tried taking the advantage of the fact that Brendan’s ‘Battle Royale’ couldn’t gain much popularity among the people, so they wanted to be the first to come up with a new game.

In 2017, PUB-G was released and it gained immense popularity all across the world. And this was the complete journey of the game we all love, PUB-G and now we know the man behind the game, Brendan Greene.

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