Lately a lot of speculations have been going around on social media regarding Rishi Kapoor’s health. A few media reports suggested that Rishi Kapoor is suffering from stage-3 cancer, although, no official confirmations were made by Rishi Kapoor or any other family member of him. All this has left everyone confused and worried about the veteran actor’s health.


The speculations have been going around since the actor took to twitter and revealed that he is taking a break from the work and is going for his treatment in America. Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
“Hello all! I am taking a short leave of absence from work to go to America for some medical treatment. I urge my well wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. It’s been 45 years “plus”of wear and tear at the movies. With your love and good wishes,I will be back soon!”

Soon an entertainment website reported and started the speculations that Rishi Kapoor is suffering from Stage-3 cancer. And since then speculations are got strong and people flooded the social media with best wishes for the veteran actor. People got suspicious and the news got strengthened when Rishi Kapoor didn’t attend the last rites of his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor, who recently died on October 1st.

Here’s how twitterati reacted to Rishi Kapoor’s health :

While the people are busy in speculating, Randhir Kapoor, the brother of Rishi Kapoor has finally opened up about the health of Rishi Kapoor giving rest to all the speculations. Talking to Times Of India, Randhir Kapoor said :

“We don’t know yet what is the exact nature of his ailment,” 

He added :

“Rishi himself doesn’t know what he is suffering from. He hasn’t even started undergoing tests there; how can people speculate that he has cancer and that too, one that has escalated to an advanced stage.”

Well, we really wish that people stop speculating and wait until Rishi Kapoor or his family members issue official statements about his health.

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