India’s Top Media House Made A Blunder On Twitter And This Made Shashi Tharoor Very Angry


Shashi Kapoor was one of the legends of Indian cinema and we are all saddened by his death. He was loved by all in the film industry and his death is hard to accept.

People on social media flooded the platform with condolences. However, there was a mix up as people mistook Shashi Tharoor as Shashi Kapoor.


The fake news was spread because of Times Now who mistakenly tweeted that Madhur Bhandarkar left a condolence message for Shashi Tharoor. Tweeter users even pointed out their mistakes by commenting below.


However, the news had spread and many started calling his office to offer their condolences. The politician had to put up a tweet saying that reports of his demise, if not exaggerated, are at least premature.

He requested people not to call his office. Omar Abdullah trolled Mr. Tharoor by saying that although those media channels dislike him, at least none of them killed him off. Shashi has a unique distinction in this matter.

Times Now put out an apology tweet for the typographical error and wished him good health. This is a very sensitive matter and news channels should check twice before tweeting such news as it could have severe consequences.