Many People Have Tried But Only A Few Could Find The Twist In This Picture


We love to take group photos. However there are some weird group photos available in the social media. If you look at them minutely you may notice some shocking details. They will certainly surprise you. Here is one similar example.

1.The team photo:

Prom is an exciting event and we look forward to prom photos. However this particular prom photo is very surprising. This belongs to British student Eleanor Clarke. In the picture she is posing with her four friends. All of them are in full evening wear and look gorgeous. She appears to be carrying a roomy evening bag. However if you have a closer look you might find something interesting in her outfit.


2.Metal Hip flask :

Did you find out what was curious about the picture? If not then let us explain. That is not a hand bag although it looks like one. It is a metal hip flask. She and her friends quenched their thirst with it all evening. The way she is holding It in the picture makes it appear as a silver handbag. Almost got us fooled there!


3.No one noticed it:

Eleanor later admitted that most people failed to spot it other than her friends who already knew the secret. The flask she was using is very effective. It can hold almost three bottles of drink that lasted them the whole prom evening. It cost far less than the bag people thought it was. It is priced at only £7. This photo here shows that they are using it before heading out to party.

4.She cleared the photo on Twitter:

She logged on to Twitter and posted the picture. Along with the picture she wrote that she could not believe that people mistook her flask her clutch prom handbag. Replies on the post suggested that she was correct and no one attending the prom actually spotted it as a flask live.

This post went viral and she received 319 thousand likes and over 64 thousand retweets within days. Some of the replies to the post were hilarious. Billy Procida jokingly tweeted that she might be the first person to invent a water cooler that can be also used as a bra. Another twitter user Yasmin suggested British Vogue might make her their fashion editor if they notice her post. Mike Glover termed her as a hero.