Manushi Chhillar’s Diet Is The Reason Behind Her Perfect Body. Read Her Diet Chart.


A modelling contest or Miss India show always makes us to dream about the perfect figure that they are having. Girls with chubby fats wish to have a flat belly to fit into any dress and to be as attractive as Manushi Chhillar, Miss India World 2017.

Here are some tips to attain a perfect fitness, diet chart and workout regime that is quiet helpful to all of us.


1. Don’t skip breakfast: This leads to huhhh hunger pangs by the end of the day. So it’s better to avoid this.

2. Eat regular meals with lesser quantity: helps to reduce the urge of having snacks high in fat and sugar.

3. Avoid sugar especially refined sugar.

Diet Chart as follows:

Early Morning: Warm water two to three glasses ( squeezed lemon and ginger in it is a must )

Breakfast: Plain yoghurt (no flavour) with cornflakes or oats or two to three egg whites with avocado, carrot, beets and sweet potato

Mid meal: coconut water plus fruits.

Lunch: Quinoa/rice/chapati with a bowl of vegetables and shredded chicken/lentils.

Evening: Unsalted nuts followed by fruit or banana and fig smoothie.

Dinner: Chicken/fish (grilled/roasted) with sauteed vegetables (broccoli/carrots/beans/mushrooms/beets)

Many models have to travel and, hence, are forced to eat out. So choice of food is very important. The regular schedule should always include:

1. Practise yoga regularly: Yoga is a great form of exercise to maintain correct body posture and keep muscles toned.

2. Twisting: For an over-all body warm-up, core twisting is the most effective exercise to lengthen, strengthen, detox and tone your entire body.

3. Squats: This is one exercise which should be part of everyone’s workout routine — regardless of age, gender or fitness goals. It helps in increasing entire body strength and muscle, improving circulation, getting rid of cellulite etc.

4. Run or just dance: The best way to de-stress your body is to go for a run or just start dancing to your favourite tunes.