The introduction of online cab booking apps is one of the most amazing introductions, especially for the people like me who doesn’t like traveling through other public transports. The other most important advantage is convenience, just one click and the taxi is at your doorstep.


The one name ruling this business globally is Uber. And the reason of their success are their well trained drivers. However, sometimes customers have to face unfavourable situations because of these drivers. Sometimes the situation gets so worst that they have to drive the cab themselves.

Yes, you read that right we are not joking. In a recent incident, this is what exactly happened, a customer had to drive the cab back home himself while the driver of the cab was fully drunk.


Well, what happened was a Bengaluru man named Surya Oruganti who booked an Uber cab from Kempegowda Airport. But when the cab arrived, the driver was not the one that was on the app, he was someone else and to make the situation even worst, he was drunk.

Surya clicked the picture of the driver and himself sat on the driving seat when he realized that the driver was too drunk to drive. He later uploaded a picture alongwith the caption revealing how he had to drive back home himself while the driver was drunk. Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
“@Uber_India, the ride back from Bangalore airport was not quite what I expected. The driver was drunk and drowsy. I had to pull the car over to the side and I drove all the way home. Pic with the driver in the rider seat passed out.
You need to fix this @Uber , @Uber_Support”

Surya also uploaded a video of the driver, here, have a look at the video :

The tweet read:
“Here’s a video of the driver who was drunk enough to not know he was being recorded. He was not the driver claimed by the app either.”

Uber was quick to notice the tweet and they replied it with a tweet showing their concern over what happened. Here, have a look at the tweet :

The tweet read:
“This is concerning, Surya. Please share your registered email ID and phone number through which you have requested this trip so that our safety team can get in touch with you at the earliest.”

However, Surya was in no mood to let go the matter. Here’s what he replied :

The tweet read:
“@UberINSupport – DM’ed the details.
@dkhos – this driver behavior needs to be caught and handled as it is a very serious safety issue.
This is most common to and from airports at night in India. Having a person checking for this before starting trip should be doable.

The tweet read:
“Uber safety team promptly called back about 20 hours later. They said I shouldn’t drive a cab because that’s a safety issue. And that they’ll educate the driver whatever that means and might terminate the driver if there’s recurrence.

After this reply, twitterati started slamming Uber cabs for their irresponsible behavior as it is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted to this whole matter :

Well, we really hope that Uber takes right step regarding what happened so that incidents like this doesn’t happen in future.

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