10 Most Stylish Police Uniforms Around The world


10 Most Stylish Police Uniforms Around The world: A cop even wonders often, how other forces around the globe fits into the badge! It is indeed interesting to look at the uniforms of the cops around the world. Special task forces are always decked out in their incredibly impressive out-gear while the beat cops dress in their traditional uniforms.

And to all the ladies out there, we have a list of some men, so attractive that they make the idea of robbing look great.

From shutting down protests to dealing out parking tickets, they do it all in those decked up gears.

Here we come with the list of few:


New York Police Department

They incorporate the use of metallic badges as a source of primary identification. Badges are typically engraved with unique identification number matched to the officer to whom it is issued. Traditional uniform is often used for station assignments and high profile events.


The Danish Police


Light blue shirt with the police insignia calls for utmost attention. The pants are dark blue with reflective patches. The suit also includes a protected helmet.

The Badass women police of Jordan

Her eyes watching the roundabout lanes, spotting a female police officer is not uncommon in Jordan. Usually donning the traditional head covering, they walk aside their male peers.


The Icelandic police

Traditional black and white markings with the police star, the Icelandic police have a black uniform. The trousers are usually made of fire resistant materials. The working uniform varies from traditional ones to the tactical ones.

The Swedish Police

Their everyday working uniform is of combat trousers of dark blue fabric with a dark blue polo shirt. The long sleeved shirt is worn without a tie. The officers should always wear hi-visibility vests. White uniform is reserved for the formal occasions.

The Vietnamese Police

And of the best in the world, they wear a black French style beret, pulled to the left with the National Cap badge placed over the right eye. Constables assigned for Patrolling duty wear a helmet painted in shiny black.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Regular patrol boots, dark blue trousers with gold strapping and a grey shirt with dark blue tie is what they gear up with. Depending on their duties the officers wear white shirt and blue serge. They even use muskrat fur in their winter uniform, despite the ongoing pressure!

Punjab State Police – Punjab, India

Belgian Federal Police:


The law enforcements are what calls for a proper police uniform across the world. What are your views now?