Long distance relationships are very difficult. No matter how close you are with each other, it is difficult to keep up with long distance relationship. Long Distance relationship are emotionally, physically and mentally demanding because there are always chances of issues and disputes.However there are some blessed souls, who manage to keep up with the long distance.

Apart from disputes and issues, one of the major obstacle in long distance relationship is controlling the urge of intimacy. Physical intimacy is an important part of relationship and when one is in a long distance relationship, you really miss the cuddles and kisses of your partner. It actually becomes very difficult to resist the passion inside your heart and thus loyalty towards your partner becomes a question.


Recently, a married couple, who were living apart from each other, in a long distance relationship got themselves in a huge trouble. The woman living in Bulgaria decided to surprise her husband working in the UK by sending him a video of hers. Well, just to let you know the video had everything to turn on the man.

However, the things turned ugly and her video got broadcasted through the Facebook story. The woman had 2000 friends on facebook and to make it worst, her family and son, who is 20-year-old, saw the video. Furthermore, even the friends of her son has watched the video.


Well, we can’t even imagine the embarrassment the women, her son, family and husband must be going through. His son is so shocked and embarrassed that he said he won’t be able to go home for at least 5 years. Even her husband instead of supporting her, didn’t speak to her for many days.

This indeed is a big lesson for everyone, especially for the people in long distance relationship.

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