Latest List Of 10 Most Beautiful Women Of The World In 2017


Celebrities are loved worldwide not only for their beautiful face but their boldness, strength and unique inner beauty. We love celebrities with awesome personality. Buzznet conducted a poll in the month of February in 2017 which in turn gave us a list of the most beautiful celebrities.


Those who made it to this special list are beautiful from outside as well as inside. More than seven million people casted their vote to make this list. A list has now been released in public which ranks top ten most beautiful women. If you look at this list, there is something to be proud of as an Indian too. Our very own ‘Desi Girl’ Priyanka Chopra has also made it to this list.

In fact she has been acknowledged as the second most beautiful girl of the world in this list. Can you guess who got the first rank? It is singing sensation Beyoncé. The international pop star is a fan favorite among many and deservedly has been chosen as the most beautiful women.


However, Priyanka Chopra does a fabulous job representing India all over the international map and has come close second. The rest of the celebrities mentioned in this list are also intelligent, desirable, popular and extremely successful in their fields. They contribute to the society through their philanthropy and humanitarian activities. This makes them the most beautiful celebrities in the world.

American fashion model and current Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Hill, came third in this list. Beautiful actress Emma Watson isn’t far behind too. She has been mentioned in the fourth place. Dakota Johnson has been given the fifth place while politician Hillary Clinton becomes sixth for her contribution to the society. Actress Margot Robbie deservedly takes the seventh place in this list. Classic beauty Angelina Jolie is never left out of such lists. She is ranked eighth in this ranking. Fahriye Evcen and Alexandra Daddario came ninth and tenth respectively.


2.Priyanka Chopra

3.Taylor Hill

4.Emma Watson

5.Dakota Johnson

6.Hillary Clinton

7.Margot Robbie

8.Angelina Jolie

9.Fahriye Evcen

10.Alexandra Daddario