Katrina Kaif’s Reply To Alia ‘Focus On Men’ Comment Is Winning Hearts On The Internet


Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have been good friends for a while now. These two share a great rapport with each other and are often spotted together. Both of them even hit the gym together and sweat it out to maintain their hot figures.

The two came pretty close to each other on a foreign tour which was called the ‘Dream Team Tour.’ Even other young faces from Bollywood featured on this tour. The warm bond between these two is giving some serious friendship goals to their fans.

Its always good to see two top actresses being friends rather than envying each other. Katrina and Alia make an adorable pair of friends and their friendship goes beyond just being partners at the gym.


Recently, Alia Bhatt gave some advice to Katrina Kaif in terms of relationships. In a TV interview, Alia Bhatt was spotted saying that her friend Katrina should leave the gym and focus on men instead. Well, that is some fancy piece of advice coming Katrina’s way from her adorable friend.


In response to the advice extended by Alia Bhatt, Katrina had a classy answer. Kat said that she is waiting for Alia to get married first.

Here is what Katrina said in response

“I am waiting for Alia to get married first.”


Alia would surely not mind this for she had already expressed her plans to settle down early in life. I an interview given early she said that she plans to settle down (marry) early in life.

Here is what she said in that interview

“I do want to settle down early because I have an advantage of having started off (in career) very early. That way, I can get done with it (getting married) and continue (in my career). Also, I don’t want to settle down too late in life because that also has its own issues.”