Katrina Kaif Is Very Unhappy With Her Friend Alia Bhatt. Here’s Why


Bollywood celebrities never fail to give us some major goals in every possible way, be it  by giving us fitness goals, couple goals, dressing goals or by giving some serious BFF goals. And when it comes to BFF goals in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt wins the show.

From partying together to their funny prank videos and their working out together videos on Instagram, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt are like every other Best friends in the world and their love for each other is visible through their posts on Social Media.

After, stealing our hearts with their cute and adorable bond through Social Media, Katrina and Alia will be seen together for the first time on COLORS INFINITY’s chat show, BFF With Vogue. 

The show is hosted by none other than Neha Dhupia. As the name of the shows says, the BFF of Bollywood will be seen sharing some light-hearted moments on the show and will be seen confessing things about each other.

In the upcoming episode, Katrina and Alia will be seen together twinning fashionably and they will seen indulging in some honest talks.

In a fun segment, Katrina confessed all the things she hate about Alia Bhatt and you will be shocked to know about what they are, as we all have the same problem with our own best friend too.

Speaking about some of the things Katrina said that she hates Alia Bhatt when she is online and does not read or reply to Katrina’s messages.

Yes, you read that right. Here are all the other things she hate Alia Bhatt for :

  • Alia Bhatt is online but doesn’t read or reply to Katrina’s messages.
  • Katrina is annoyed by Alia’s posture while she does squats. She wants Alia to work on her squats form.
  • Katrina hates Alia for not being generous enough and passing some critics to her side & taking all the awards.
  • Katrina doesn’t like Alia Bhatt for having such a good stamina.
  • Lastly, Katrina hates Alia because Karan Johar is her best friend.

Didn’t we tell you that they both are just like us?


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