Karnataka’s CM Spent Half A Crore On Tea And Snacks. Do You Know How Much PM Modi Spends?


RTI reveals always bring hidden truth in open but the latest RTI report has turned heads everywhere. In the last year nearly 3000 farmers committed suicide in Karnataka but the chief minister of the state is spending insane amounts on beverages.


The official expenditure for tea and snacks of Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah’s official residence ‘Kaveri’ is leaked thanks to the RTI report. The amount is mindboggling 60 lakhs rupees.

When the news became public it was under heavy criticism. The loyal congress workers argued that this money was majorly spent on people who came to meet the minister but their argument was proved wrong. When we look into the details it gives us the clear picture.


The breakdown of the expenditure suggests that in the financial year 2013-14, 3.65 lakhs was spent on biscuits whereas water and coffee consumed costed 10 lakhs, making the total amount 13.65 lakhs. Year 2014-15 saw similar reports too with over 10 lakhs spent on coffee, biscuits and water.

                                   Image Source : www.newskarnataka.com

In the year 2015-16 CM Siddaramaiah spent over 10 lakhs again on his beverages while the cost increased to 11.5 lakhs in the financial year of 2016-17. If we count the expenditure, the Karnataka chief minister has spent 22 lakhs on biscuits and 38 on coffee in four years.

This insane spending has raised many questions. The opposition has questioned his governance on the spending of 1.75 lakh per year on water and 4.5 lakhs on biscuits.

They have accused him of corruption. Not only this, another RTI revealed that the minister has spent 4.78 lakhs in 6 months on hand towels, bath towels and face towels.

Although the Karnataka chief minister considers himself a political threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his opponent is not even close to near him in case of spending.

According to RTI reveals, The PM pays his own kitchen bill in 7 RCR as he feels kitchen bills should not be a burden on the government. Chef of PM Modi says that his favorite food are Bajra Moti and Khichadi.

Mr. Modi feels that  his kitchen expenses are personal in nature and should not be incurred on government account.

Information source: PostCard.News