In Bollywood, gossip is always in the air. One such hot fume doing its due rounds after the glorious success of Baahubali series, both at home and abroad, across languages, was that the famed Karan Johar, of Dharma Productions, who produced the Hindi version of the film and reaped in Crores of profit was really interested in launching Prabhas, the lead actor of the said film series, in Bollywood through an upcoming big film from his production house.

Obviously, the entertainment industry nationwide, across local language medias and studios, and of course the fans and followers of the franchise were avidly following up the aftermath of the supposed project, but all their excitement fell flat when it was declared that it had to be called off.


It seems that Prabhas’ over the top fee demand is beyond the reaches of Karan’s pocketsa as of yet, and he has had to drop the project till kingdom come. It might come as a surprise, that the reason Prabhas’s project is put on hiatus is because a demand of Rs 20 crores is thought by Karan to be too much to ask considering his market in Hindi film industry.


As per the source in the entertainment webzine DNA-

“Prabhas had devoted five years of his life to the two Baahubali films and it was only fair that he would want to cash in on his new success.”

The source also added-

“But the price he asked for was staggering. While it was okay for him to ask and get his desired price — reportedly in the vicinity of Rs 20 crores — in Telugu cinema, it was unrealistic for Prabhas to expect that kind of remuneration in Bollywood. No South Indian actor, not even Rajinikanth, has that kind of commercial clout in Hindi cinema. Prabhas has clearly out-priced himself from Bollywood.”

Talking about the status of project, the source said-

“After Baahubali and its sequel, Karan was keen to launch Prabhas in Hindi cinema. But on seeing the price he was asking, Karan has decided to abandon the idea of launching him.”

As of yet, Prabhas is busy shooting and promoting for his upcoming tri-lingual film Saaho (Eng. Live!), where his chief antagonist is to be played by Neil Nitin Mukesh; along with Shraddha Kapoor who plays his love interest. Karan Johar as a producer has been involved in several upcoming big and medium projects in the South which includes the likes of Raazi, Kesari, Brahmastra and many more of their kind.

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