Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Insulted Filmfare’s Editor On Twitter. He Replied Back.


Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and controversial statements. In the last couple of years, she has been in news for her bold stand against things and people she doesn’t feel good about.


Recently, she accused Filmfare and its editor Jitesh Pilaai for being biased while giving awards. Here is what Kangana had said in an interview:

“I was in the United States for my screenwriting course when I got a call from Filmfare in 2014. They told me I was going to get an award for Krrish 3 and they requested me to come back for just one day so I could attend the awards.” I told them I am doing my course and going back and forth will cost me around 10 lakhs. Because I would miss my classes I told them it’s not possible. They decided to give the Best Supporting Actress award to Supriya Pathak for Ram Leela instead. The editor was so mad with me that I didn’t show up for #Queen that he still doesn’t talk to me. The next year they made sure I didn’t get the Best Actress award for #TWMR and then I got the National Award. Then they got trolled,” Kangana had said.


Following this, Jitesh Pillaai slammed the National Award-winning actress in a series of tweets:

“Apparently Kangana Ranaut has given a radio interview where she says I told her she was winning for krrish. Is she hallucinating? I’ve never had a conversation with her about krrish.”

“Kangana further adds that the Filmfare team doesn’t talk to her. We just shot a cover with her in August in London. Our team was present having a 

wonderful time with her.”

“There’s also a reference to Sonam Kapoor being made by the host. And an incorrect assumption being made too by him. Box office doesn’t determine the merit of a performance. A good performance is a good performance. Simple.”

“And if memory serves me right kangana reportedly sent her driver to collect her Filmfare trophy to anand rai’s office. I didn’t go to anyone’s house or beg anyone to accept award.” Even Sonam Kapoor had supported him by replying to his tweet saying that Filmfare presents the most legitimate awards.Kangana’s sister Rangoli joined the war of words and targetted Pilaai. 

“It seems your memory is fading or just trying to save your job by lying now? @jiteshpillaai”

Pillaai responded to Rangoli’s tweet saying, “Always crosscheck facts.Konkona Sen Sharma won the best actor in a supporting role for Omkara while kangana won debut award. Then the next year for life in a Metro. That year kangana wasn’t even nominated. Fortunately my memory is as sharp as your tongue..”

The outspoken lady then lashed at him saying, “Dimwit, I am referring to your convenient memory loss regarding calling Kangana for Krrish3 award, your memory is as sharp as it suits you. @jiteshpillaai Don’t give this trivia to me, go save your job and arse.”