Kangana Ranaut Slammed Filmfare Awards For Being Unfair. She Got A Strong Reply From The Editor


Kangna Ranawat remained on the news for bringing out controversial topics in front of the public.  After the ‘Nepotism’ and ‘Hrithik Roshan’ controversies, she has found another hot topic for the public and media to keep holding her in the news.


Every star in Bollywood has some bitter experience regarding award functions. But, no one ever named a particular group. But this time, Kangna broke the notion. She straightforward alleged Filmfare of not giving her the award just because she missed to attend one of their previous functions.


In a recent podcast with Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand, Kangna described her bitter experience with the various award shows.

She said that in the beginning, she had to follow the ideal notion of the system so that she could come in the good books. She further explained that once in some award function she was to receive the award for best actor for the film Life In A Metro, but due to traffic jam, she could not reach the function in time and the award was passed on to Soha Ali Khan.

Next, confessing her experience with Filmfare, she said that she got a call from the show when she was completing her screenwriting course in the US. The call was to offer her the award for best actor in supporting role in Krish 3 and she had to come for that.

Kangna said that she clearly confessed that she could not come due to unavoidable issues, but later the award was given to Supriya Pathak.

In answer to the above allegations, Jitesh Pillai, the editor of Filmfare slammed Kangna with his twitter tweet. He said that he did not have any idea about asking her for the best supporting role award and made a fun of it.

Further, crushing her down, he said that it’s a false allegation that Filmfare doesn’t talk with her.

He said that he would never beg someone for the award. He also dragged Sonam Kapoor through his tweet.


Sonam also came out and supported Jitesh Pillai with her tweet.

What do you think, who is right?