Kangana Ranaut Openly Insults Karan Johar Again And We Are Waiting For His Reply


Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut have been involved in one of the most famous spats of Bollywood. It was only recent that we saw Kangana Ranaut taking a dig at Karan for indulging in nepotism and Karan responded in a hilarious manner to the same.


This has been more like a Tom and Jerry fight between the two. But Kangana Ranaut has always been fearless about putting forth her stances and you got to appreciate her for this blunt honesty that she possesses. Kangana is a bold lady of conviction.

Now Kangana has made another statement about Karan Johar which is doing the round of news on the internet. Kangana was asked about what Karan Johar offers to his guests on the famous TV show ‘Koffee With Karan’ and her response was hilarious.


Kangana replied jokingly and said, ‘Zehar pilata hai, mujhse pucho’ which meant that Karan gives poison to his guests. Now that a witty assault on Karan Johar in a joking way and we’re sure Karan Johar wouldn’t have liked it one bit.

Kangana Ranaut was said saying this on a TV show. The TV show is called ‘India’s Next Superstars.’ Interestingly Karan Johar is a judge on this show and Kangana Ranaut featured on the show for a guest appearance.

Karan also made news recently for being trolled badly for revealing the leading actress of Kesari. Karan Johar put the picture of Akshay Kumar with Parineeti Chopra’s name who will be the leading lady of the film.