Priyanka Chopra after ruling our hearts with her performances in Bollywood movies, now she is shining in Hollywood too.She has worked hard to achieve everything she has now. She is a role-model of every struggling actress and model.


Our desi girl is very active about what’s happening around the world, and politics. Every now and then she is seen talking about Politics and never steps back from giving her opinions on the same.

Recently, our desi girl said something which has raised to many eyebrows, as she took a dig at Donald Trump.


Priyanka Chopra, recently graced the cover of Harper Bazaar’s Arabia, in her interview with, she said many interesting things and gave mind-blowing replies to the interviewer.

Interviewer asked that according to her, who will be the next President of US, in a quirky reply she said:

“Anybody will do at this point. And I don’t even need to explain why.”

Her statement clearly shows the dissatisfaction over the Trump’s administration. Almost every American feels that Donald Trump was a wrong choice for the position of President and looks like Priyanka feels the same.

In a single statement Priyanka has reflected the feelings of almost every American right now.

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