If you wouldn’t associate scandals and controversies to Big Boss what else would you? In Big Boss 11 the drama and the ruckus is even bigger and dirtier!



This season it’s not about controversies between contestants but about a trolling row between Salman Khan and an evicted contestant. Zubair Khan as you know was evicted from the show after a big feud and since then he’s been spitting hatred against Salman. The controversy is getting bigger day by day and everyone is now talking about it. 


After being thrown out of the show Zubair who’s apparently a relative of Dawood Ibrahim demanded an apology from Salman rather for his misbehaviour. Salman being Salman rather took a dig back at Zubair and apprised to the dogs rather for calling him a dog. 



This is how Zubair responded 


Now how could this stop here. If Salman has a befitting reply for Zubair then Zubair too had some retaliation to reciprocate. Zubair said that thanks to Allah that because of him Salman apologised to his brothers, the dogs. (Oops! Bhai se panga) 



He did not just stop here and went on to say.  He took further leaps and open fired on Salman with his words. He said that he would file PIL for all those cases in which he was exonerated with the power of his money and the D Company allegiance. Giving the famous dialogue from Dabbang his own version he said, “ hum tum pe itne PILs file krenge ki tum confuse ho jaoge ki shoot pe jaye ya court main” woah that’s some fancy warning here! 

 He strongly reiterated that he would get Salman arrested and in no condition will he bow down to him. He said that Salman shouldn’t underestimate the power of a common man and also claimed that his charity ventures with Being Human is nothing but just a way to evade taxes. Well that’s a bounty of Allegations and warnings all put together against Salman and we would be eagerly waiting for Salman’s response now. 


Big Boss will always be popular for such dramas and cat fights and the TRPs will always be sky high as long as these feuds will go on.