Oh it’s true, it’s damn true! Who knew that once the most ridiculous voice and composer Dhinchak Pooja would be ahead of Salman Khan on YouTube? The so called diva is much more than we know. She unknowingly has taken the whole social media by storm and the venture continues.


While she made an appearance in Big Boss, her face off with Bhaijaan was commendable. Her songs are very popular apparently and every teenager knows the lyrics perfectly. It is very strange to such artist go on top without any struggle because India has produced one of the most talented Vocalists and composers.

Since many years, Salman has been singing songs for movies which gets uploaded on YouTube. But while compared to the song video Dhinchak Pooja uploads, get more views and are much more popular! Astonishing but yet reality. Who is responsible for her success? Not her voice or compositions for sure. It is us, we are responsible for that. Not that she’s successful it is more like that we are fools.

The generation who does not even know that reading book is much more important than crying over a Facebook post, it was pretty obvious that her shitty lyrics were going to haunt the generation and make her a superstar.

It feels very shameful that these are the future talents who will represent India on global level. It is us nobody else. Beating Salman and going on his show was another thing Dhinchak Pooja bettered at! Many songs that Salman Khan sang are far better and more logical but may be logic is something cannot be accepted by our generation in today’s date. They want this lyrics, they want these composition and Dhinchak Pooja has given what public wanted, nothing else.

Feels like talent is fading away from India and after rap took over Bollywood the hope for the same has died as well.

Not only Dhinchak Pooja but there are many people who has come forward with their shitty music and talent. But again surprisingly they have made their way to YouTube success.

There is no proper explanation for this but it is a lesson for us or more of a warning for us that if this keeps on happening than we could stop hearing good music completely. Many talent are waiting for the chances people like Dhinchak Pooja has gotten and who can perform well than her. But again is this success permanent or just a temporary thing like Honey Singh?

We never know anything, beating Salman could be the first step of her success and more ventures are coming from her. Let us hope that the nonsense stops soon and we get the good music again.