More than a week ago, the most versatile actor of Bollywood revealed that he has been suffering from a very rare disease, although, he didn’t revealed what he was suffering from. He even asked everyone not to speculate about anything and promised that he will reveal the disease himself after further medical investigations being done.


Although, a lot of speculations have been making rounds since the day Irrfan Khan revealed that he is suffering from a ‘rare disease, which has left the whole world in deep shock.

Today, as he promised, he took to Twitter and revealed himself about the disease he has been suffering from. The revelation of the disease has made everyone more depressed and heartbroken. He tweeted:

Well, the actor has been suffering from ‘neuroendocrine tumour’. He shared that it was very difficult for him to admit but the love and support of all the fans he has received had brought him strength.

To make it more clear, Irrfan Khan also stated that ‘Neuro’ is not always about the brain and googling the problem is not the best way to research about something.

Finishing off his message he said “I hope to be back with more stories to tell.”

His fans and celebrities from all around the twitter have started pouring out their heartfelt messages for the actor, have a look:

We really wish that he gets well soon and return back with a bang.

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