Indian Soldier Gave Cracking Replies To Major Gaurav Arya’s Controversial Tweet On National Anthem


To stand during the National Anthem in a movie theater or not, this has became a topic of debate everywhere.


Recently, the Supreme Court has taken back it’s decision of playing the National Anthem in the movie halls and theaters and henceforth, playing of National Anthem in theaters will be optional from now onward.

Everyone has their own opinions about this issue. While some people believe that standing for National Anthem is a matter of pride and patriotism.


while on the other hand, some people believe that it won’t make them less patriotic if they don’t stand for National Anthem while munching popcorn and before watching some intimate scenes in movies.

Recently, Major Gaurav Arya, who has served Indian Army for 7 years, tweeted his opinion on this matter which has now given rise to a controversy. He tweeted:

The tweet went viral on Twitter in no time. While a majority of people agreed to his point and agreed, a lot of people disagreed to his point and started tweeting for the same. A few Indian soldiers also shared their opinion on Major Gaurav’s controversial tweet. Have a look:

We completely agree with them. A lot of people also disagreed with him, which resulted in a flood of tweets from them:


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