Indian Guy Proposed Dutch Pilot On Instagram. What Happened Next Is Hilarious


Social networking platforms are the most entraining places on the internet. Thanks to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we keep getting news from our favourite celebrities and also interact with our friends on a daily basis.


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Most of you would agree that logging in to these websites and spending some time exploring the news feed/timeline is a part of every life, in fact, it is a kind of addiction. The basic idea behind developing these platforms was to allow people to interact withe act other on a social platform, but they evolved over the period of time and now most of news is consumed on Facebook and Twitter.

You would agree that trolling is something that happens every day on social media and if we are not at the receiving end, it is, mostly, very entraining to watch celebrities, journalists and random profiles going against each other on ‘fangiri’ and ideological differences.

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Also, it very interesting to see how people express themselves on these public platforms without releasing that the whole world is watching and if tabloids spot, they will be all over the internet.

Recently, Eser Aksan Erdogan, a pilot by profession shared a picture on her Instagram profile and one of her followers (Sahir Khan) proposed to her in the comments section.

After watching this picture, Sahir Khan wrote a very long ‘lovey-dovey’ message. 

He received a reply on his comment and guess what? It came from Eser Aksan Erdogan’s husband.

Sahir asked her husband to help him in getting married to his wife. Well, yes it was all ‘F’ed up.

The beautiful pilot herself revealed it and it was hilarious.

Sahir was surely embarrassed but he didn’t lose hope.