Hina Khan Got Attacked By Her Haters On Twitter After She Shared Her First Message


Bigg Boss season 11 has finally ended but it seems the fans of this controversial shows are still having the Bigg Boss fever and are not able to get over the fact that the show has ended and are not ready to forget what happened inside the house.


Undoubdtedly, this season was the most controversial season ever in the history of this show. What happened inside the house somehow, divided the fans of this show in two groups, one that supported Shilpa Shinde and the other that supported Hina Khan.Inside the Bigg Boss house, many ugly-fights took place between Shilpa Shinde, through-out the show and outside, there were fights between the fans of Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan on the social networking sites.

Shilpa Shinde emerged out as the winner of the show and Hina Khan ended up as the runner-up.

However, the Sanskaari image of Hina Khan got completely spoilt when she unveiled her real self in the Bigg Boss house.


Although, the real Hina Khan became hard to digest for the fans of reel Hina Khan, Akshara. This was one of the reasons that in spite of having a huge fan bass she failed to win the trophy.

The social handles of the contestants were being handled by their teams when the contestants were inside the house. As the show has ended, Hina Khan shared her first message from her social network to her fans about her Bigg Boss Journey but she got attacked by the haters.

Here’s what she tweeted:

And here are some of the tweets from her haters:



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