Here’s Why This Sikh Man From UK Is The King Of Swag.

There’s a reason why ‘Singhs’ are often called the kings because when it comes to being the real kings then there’s no one better at it. In this story the king is Reuben Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of AllDayPA and the founder of Miss Attitude which is a defunct clothing brand now.
Reuben Singh lives in the United Kingdom and he’s a hefty and affluent king. His clothing brand which is now defunct was a big hit in the United Kingdom in the 90’s.
An unfortunate fall in the year 2007 saw Singh’s business shut down and he was reduced to rags. But he stood up against all odds and bigots to once again claim his glory and. He was called the ‘British Bill Gates’ and many thoughts he would never recover but he did and he made it big yet again.

Turbans and Rolls Royce 

Recently an Englishman offended Reuben Singh by inflicting insult to his turban. The Englishman called the turban a bandage as this surely wasn’t acceptable to the proud Sikh of the United Kingdom. So, he decided to throw a grand challenge across to the Englishman.
Reuben Challenged the Englishman that he would match his turban with his Rolls Royces for an entire week. Yes, that was the challenge and mind you all these Rolls Royce are his own and he has shown the Englishman what the pride of turban means to a Sikh.
So, following the challenge Reuben matches his turban with a Rolls Royce each day of an entire week and his collection of Rolls Royces looks so lavish and swanky.
Surely the Englishman would have been left red faced at this grand challenge by Reuben and this story of a Sikh’s pride and teaching an Englishman a lesson is winning the internet.
Take a bow ‘Sardar Ji’ as we might be a little jealous of your collection of Rolls Royce but you have won all our respect and love for this grand gesture to defend the pride of your Turban.
Not sure if anyone can defend its pride in such an affluent manner but this surely inspires many to stand for the pride of their turban in foreign nations.