Here’s Why Shilpa Shinde Is The Clear Winner Of Bigg Boss 11 Trophy. No Doubt


Undoubtedly this season of Bigg Boss was the most controversial and interesting seasons ever of this popular reality show Bigg Boss which is hosted by Salman Khan and airs on Colors.The eleventh season of Bigg Boss began in October 2017 and is soon coming to an end with the grand finale of this season scheduled for coming Sunday, January 14, 2018.


The show started with a total of 19 contestants and now we are left with 4 super finalists.

We all are excited as well as upset that the show is coming to an end. Everyone has a winner of their own in their heads and so have I. But I have got proper reasons as to why my favorite Shilpa Shinde should be the winner of Bigg Boss 11.


Here, have a look at 5 of the most valid points that proves why Shilpa Shinde should take the trophy home:

  1. Consistent:

Shilpa Shinde started with a bang and remained a consistent performer throughout the show. Everyone faced their shares of ups and downs in the show but she never lowered her performance.

2. Forgiver:

Vikas Gupta who was the assistant producer and was one of the reasons for her eviction from her former show “Bhabhi ji ghar pe hai..”, Vikas and Shilpa shared intense relations even before entering the house and the rivalry continued inside the house as well. But being the owner of a big heart, keeping her ego aside she forgave him and decided to be friendly with him throughout the season.

3. Motherly:

Keeping her beauty aside, we will highlight her inner beauty which is not visible to everyone.Although every other contestant in the house kept in forcing this on audience that she is just enacting all this to gain votes but we disagree as nobody can fake her/his persona for so long especially in a show like Bigg Boss.

4. Ever-Smiling Face:

Shilpa Shinde has faced all the ups and downs in the house with a smile on her face. Whether it were the ugliest fights or the toughest tasks that she performed, she survived all but with a smile.

5. Strong Personality:

Like her or not but you can’t deny this fact that she is the strongest person in the house right now. She maintained her calm and composed attitude throught the show.Without loosing her shit for even a single minute she proved that a war can be won even with calm minds.

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