Here’s Why Rahul Gandhi’s Plane Pictures Are Going Viral On Social Media


The newly appointed President of the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi is trending on Twitter and this time its, not for the sake of trolls. Rahul Gandhi’s pictures while he onboard a flight are going viral and everyone is keen to know why.


These pictures are from Rahul Gandhi’s flight journey from New Delhi to Guwahati via Shillong. Rahul Gandhi, the President of the Indian National Congress can be seen helping co-passengers with placing luggage in the overhead bins. He also obliged all those who wanted a photograph with him. These pictures were posted by co-passengers on Twitter.

While politicians have been found drenched in the wraps of VVIP racism and arrogance, this is one rare incident of generosity and cordiality. Rahul Gandhi despite being an MP and the President of India’s oldest political party behaved as a commoner and helped ladies with their luggage like a true gentleman.


This gesture from Rahul Gandhi has won a lot of accolades. Twitter is erupting in praises and compliments for Rahul Gandhi as he acted like a common man who showed that his upbringing has been in an upright manner. How often do you see politicians behave like this?

We have heard about politicians slapping the ground staff, deboarding passengers from flights to get a seat for themselves but how often have we seen them helping common people in a gentleman fashion.

A lot of co-passengers shared pictures of Rahul Gandhi helping out fellow passengers and obliging demands of pictures. Recently his mother also won appreciation when she obliged people with photographs during her visit to Goa.

Here are a few Tweets