Here’s Why Bigg Boss Paid More Money To Hina Khan Than The Winner Shilpa Shinde


Bigg Boss ended last week and every contestant returned back to their home with sweet and bitter memories from the Bigg Boss house. Every contestant did their best to win the show but only Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde were able to make it to top two finalists. Both of them were widely famous for all the work they had done in their respective shows.

While Shilpa Shinde took the trophy home, Hina Khan became the runner up of this controversial show, Bigg Boss season 11.

But the question which is still haunting in everyone’s mind is “How much did they both, Hina and Shilpa won?”

Well, we all are aware of the amount Shilpa Shinde won, 44 lakhs, but we don’t know the amount Hina Khan earned through this show.

What if we tell you that Hina Khan earned more amount then Shilpa Shinde?

Yes! Not joking. If reports are to be believed, Shilpa Shinde earned Rs 1.29 crores in total while Hina on the other hand earned Rs.1.75 crores in total.

Yes, Hina Khan earned 46 Lakhs more then Shilpa Shinde.

Here’s how:

According to Hina’s contract, she was paid 1.25 crores for 1st 10 weeks & Rs 50 lakhs for last 5 weeks. So, the total amount of money she got for 15 weeks was Rs 1.75 crores.

While on the other hand, according to Shilpa’s contract, she was paid just 6 lakh per week for 1st 10 weeks i.e. 60 lakhs. Beyond 10 weeks, her amount mentioned was Rs 5 lakhs per week. So the total for 15 weeks is Rs 85 lakhs. Moreover, she won prize money of Rs 44 lakhs which totaled to 129 crores.

So, now you know why Vikas and Shilpa were joking that Hina Khan will pay the bills.

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