Arjun Kapoor, stepson of Sridevi flew to Dubai to be with his father at this tough phase as he wraps up the formalities and is coming back to Mumbai with the body of his wife.


The untimely death of Bollywood’s most loved actress has stunned us all but there are a lot of controversies surrounding the death of the legendary actress. Although the investigations are still going on and there are no clarity on when the body of Late.Shridevi would be released.


The complete matter of Sridevi’s death is under Dubai Public Prosecution and the case would only proceed after a go-ahead from it. The officials revealed:

“Arjun has gone to Dubai this morning to be with his father at the hotel while the formalities are being wrapped up and to oversee the return journey,”

There have been a lot of speculations made on the death of Sridevi but the Dubai Police updated some useful information about the death of the actress through their Twitter handle, revealing that the actress died due to drowning in the bathtub and loosing consciousness. A forensic report was also making rounds on the internet stating that the actress actually died because of the accidental drowning in the bathtub.

The tweets read:

“Following the completion of post-mortem analysis, today stated that the death of Indian actress occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bathtub following loss of consciousness. 1/2″

#DubaiPolice has transferred the case to #Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases. 2/2″

The incident took place at her hotel room in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers late night on Sunday. The world woke with a sad news of Sridevi’s untimely death.

The police have been investigating on the case and yesterday the statements of Boney Kapoor were recorded stating the he found Sridevi inside the bathtub unconscious. They rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.

The Dubai based Gulf news stated that Sridevi was under the influence of alcohol and she died because of drowning in bathtub.

However, nothing is confirmed as of now. The world is waiting for the news to be confirmed and police to find the actual reason behind the death of Sridevi.

Sridevi at the age of only 54 left the world too soon. She was the first female superstar of Bollywood. Her expressions, her eyes, her style, her brilliant acting, no one was and no one will be like Sridevi.

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