Here’s What Shilpa Shinde Said About Hina Khan In Her First Interview After Winning Bigg Boss11


After 105 days of drama, laughter, weird tasks and tears, the show Bigg Boss 11 finally ended last night. Congratulations to Shilpa Shinde, who walked off with the trophy of this trophy last night.


Last night, the fans of Bigg Boss might be nervous or might have spent the last few minutes of the show biting their nails but our Shilpa was not nervous at all. She already knew that she will emerge out as the winner of the show. With Hina Khan standing right next to her, she always knew that Salman Khan will announce her name as the winner of the show.

Undoubtedly Shilpa Shinde deserved to win this season. She has had an amazing journey in the Bigg Boss house and we all have experienced her wonderful journey.

Shilpa has done it again, she never fails to win hearts, she had already a huge fan following with her Angoori Bhabhi’s character that she played on ‘Bhabhi ji ghar pr hai..’ and now she has won hearts of so many people, but this time with her simplicity, consistency and great persona.

Shilpa’s fans are waiting madly for her comeback on TV screens. Now after her much deserving win, she has given her first interview and it’s truly amazing.

See, the video to know what did she replied when asked about Hina Khan being insecure about her:


Congratulations, to the winner of Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde.

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