The season 11 of TV reality show Bigg Boss , which debuted on 2nd October, has already hogged the limelight but for all the wrong reasons. From scripting allegations against Colors Channel, to contestant Zubair Khan attempting suicide and later filing a police case against Salman Khan, the drama inside the house has already begun.


But amidst all the controversies, the man behind the Bigg Boss voice, has continued to press his authority and command the contestants inside the house.

In case you are still not aware who the man behind that voice is, it is Mr Atul Kapoor who has been winning over the contestants and the fans with his husky voice.


From the first season of the show, he has been acting as contestants’ confidant, psychologist, friend, mentor and much more during the mentally grueling show. According to sources, Atul stays confined in a room inside the house, keeping an eye on the contestant’s every move.

But inspite of being such an essential member of the Bigg Boss house, Atul has always kept away from the shutterbugs and has never made any public appearance. He has several pictures with ex-Bigg Boss contestants but has always chosen to stay away from cameras.

But have you ever wondered why Atul Kapoor never makes a public appearance? What are the probable reasons which have kept Atul away from the media? In this post, we will shed light at some of the most probable reasons why Atul Kapoor never makes a public appearance.

1- He is under contract with the Channel:

One of the most likely reason for Atul Kapoor to stay out of limelight is his contract with the channel which prohibits him from coming out in public eye and giving interviews to media personalities.

He has been pictured with ex-Bigg boss contestants in the past but never during the duration of the season. Perhaps, it has been done to refrain from any sort of allegations of favourism.

2- He is not a camera man:

Many reports have speculated that Atul is not a camera man and has never made a public appearance out of choice. He likes his mysterious ways to entertain people and perhaps doesn’t want to come out in open.

3- Public image

The makers of Bigg Boss want Atul to carry an image of an invincible personality, even when he is not in the house. Fans have taken Bigg Boss for a man, who instructs the contestants but never personally meets them. If Atul starts making public appearances, he will lose that touch with Bigg Boss fans.

4-  Afraid of masses:

Some people have even speculated that Atul might shutter in public gatherings and hence stays away from the public.

It is the least likely reason, but you can never rule anything off.

Atul has been a voice artist since 2002 and got his big break in 2003, when he was the voice for all the promos of the serial “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin”.

He has been entertaining people with his husky voice in Bigg Boss for more than 10 seasons now, and some people even call him the Real Bigg Boss.

Source: indiatvnews