A few days ago, a tweet by a youth from Jamnagar, Gujarat had gone viral where the guy named Jay Dave posted a picture with his wife, where they both were seen twinning in “NAMO” t-shirts. In his tweet, Jay told his love-story, where he revealed that they are together because of Narendra Modi.

Dave revealed hat he met her after after she ‘liked’ his comment supporting Modi on a  Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page. In a series of tweets, he revealed his story and the tweet went viral in no time and this couple became super-viral.


Here, have a look at the tweet :



The people and all the fans of Narendra Modi loved their story and were appreciating the couple from all around. However, who knew that there can be another side of this story too?

Well, the girl in the picture has now finally come out and spoken about it, however, she has a completely different story. The girl took to her twitter and posted a series of tweets where she revealed how Dave used her picture, without her consent and shared the story to seek publicity on social media and from BJP as well.

The girl went on to reveal that she is just 18 years old said she didn’t have the freedom to even step out of their house without a member accompanying her in the name of honour. She also revealed that Dave even doubted her loyalty for him to the extent that he clarified many times what was she doing even when she was using the washroom.

Here, have a look at the series of tweets, to know her side of the story :





Well, this isn’t it. The girl also talked to a leading media, where she revealed that her ordeal begun after just a few days into the marriage. She said :

“He would not even allow me to speak to my parents. When I stated facing the problems, I had to text to my mom while I was inside the bathroom so that he won’t know,”

She added :

“I am just 18 years old and he is around 29. So my parents did not support the marriage, as they felt it was way too young to get married. They asked me to wait for sometime before getting married, but he pressurized”

The girl revealed that she is now back home with her parents in Bengaluru since February 1 and ever since she posted her story on her twitter, her in-laws are forcing her to delete it.

Well, kudos to the girl for coming up with the truth.

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