Recently, a video went viral and was making rounds on the internet. The video was taken from the song of an upcoming Malayalam movie called “Oru Adar Love”. The video clipping was only of a few seconds but it was enough to melt the hearts of the youngsters across the nation.


While the girl from the video was declared the “National Crush” by the community of boys. The girl became hit and became the Internet sensation overnight. Pictures and videos of her were all over the internet. People were crushing over her.

But somehow everyone failed to notice that the guy in the video was equally good with expressions. Everyone loved the wink of Priya Prakash but no one noticed the eye-brow dance of the guy. The way he blushed, every girl’s heart skipped a beat.


See the video again, and this time look at the brilliant expressions of the boy:

Priya Prakash might have stole all the limelight through her cute face but the guy’s expression has caught some eyes too.

For your information,His name is Roshan Abdul Rahoof. The guy looks stunning and handsome in real life. He is very active on social media and his Instagram is filled with his amazing pictures of him.

Have a look at some of the pictures:









Doesn’t he look completely different in real life?

So, girls while boys are busy in stalking Priya Prakash Varrier, here we give you Roshan and his cute smile to stalk on this Valentines Day.

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