Remember the model, Megha Sharma, who stripped down infront of the cops and created a scene? Well, who can forget her, she broke the internet and the video of her stripping down went viral in no time.

Megha Sharma has been making headlines ever since the video became viral, she has become one the most talked about person on social media, where people are busy in slamming her for her act and for what she did with the guard.


A lot has been talked and discussed about the incident already but there’s no doubt in the fact that the cops should have not tried to take Megha to the police station after 3a.m, which is not allowed as per the law. The law states that cops can’t take women to police station before 6 am and after 6 pm.


After a hard-hitting post on her facebook, Megha Sharma has now come out in open and spoke about the complete incident that took place from the very starting. She told the media that it was around 1 a.m when she had asked the guard to bring cigarettes for her, to which he refused. She went herself to buy the cigarettes, after coming back, she asked the guard that when there are 3-4 other security guards too, why he didn’t go or asked any other guard to bring cigarettes.

According to Megha, the guard started misbehaving with her and called her characterless, which irked Megha and she slapped him and they both got indulged in fight.

Therefore, she called the Policeand filed a complaint against the guard. However, the real problem started when policemen tried to take her to police station, which isn’t allowed as per the law and Megha wasn’t comfortable with going with them as they also didn’t had any female constables with them. She can be heard telling policemen that she would come tomorrow and they can talk to her lawyer as she was ready to give the number.

Megha revealed that after a lot of debate with the cops, she blacked out and the stripping incident happened of a sudden. She called it as the worst incident of her life.

Here, have a look at the video here :

What is your take on this? Who do you think was at fault now – the guard or Megha Sharma?

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