The Indian Air Force finally avenged the Pulwama attack as IAF banged Pakistani terrorist camps with 1000 KG bombs on Tuesday midnight.The attack was done at 3:30 in the midnight of Tuesday when 12 IAF jets crossed LOC and dropped 1200 kgs in these camps.


It was one of the most successful missions of Indian Air Force as the attack destroyed major launchpads based in Pakistan and also their plans but didn’t cause any harm to civilians.The air attack was targeted at Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Hizbul Mujahideen terror training camps and was carried out by 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets.

As per the sources more than 350 terrorist died in the aerial strikes done deep inside Pakistan in Balakot. For the mission, our Indian Air Force used the famous Mirage 2000s and the warcrafts have once again contributed to a successful operation by Indian Air Force.

Given that the Mirage 2000s were carrying a payload of 500 pound (225 kg) bombs, it’s likely that the IAF used between 4 to 5 bombs in each of the three locations. The Indian Air Force used laser-guided bombs worth 1.7 crores each.

An estimated total of 6300 crores were put on stake to destroy the centre of Jais-e-Mohammed, from which 3686 crores were kept for emergency situations. According to a report by India today, the Indian Air Force used 1000kg bombs to destroy many small terror camps. Each bomb costed 56 Lakhs each.

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Talking about the damage each bomb does, they destroy everything within 200 feet and leaves a crater 30feet in diameter and 15 feet deep. Also, it releases hot gases within the area and kills or suffocate living beings.

During the mission, an airborne warning and control system surveillance aircraft was deployed at 36 degrees to keep an eye on Pakistan’s airspace. The cost of that aircraft is Rs. 1750 crores.

In addition to this, the mission was also utilized for the 22 million-value Illusion Mid-air refill tanker and the Heron surveillance drone of the 80 million worth Air Force.

Also, three built Sukhoi Su-30MKI aircraft (each costing 358 million) made in Russia were stationed in the Indian border during this mission. 5 MiG-29S (each worth 154 crore) was also placed on high alert.

Salute to the Indian Air Force army on the successful mission. The whole country is proud of them.

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